Kit Fitzgerald
Kit Fitzgerald

The impression you make in a virtual meeting is as important as the impression you make face-to-face. Details matter and leave a lasting impression. 

Kit Fitzgerald is a world-renowned producer and director. To help you look and sound your best, she can offer coaching on:

  • How to compose the video frame.
  • How to light yourself.
  • How to create a flattering and effective background.
  • How to optimize your sound.
  • How to make best use of the built-in video and audio features of both Zoom and Google Meets.
  • How to integrate external video, images, and music into your virtual presentation.
  • How to host large meetings and seamlessly make use of breakout rooms and chats.

These days, everyone needs to be a professional-quality broadcaster with a commanding presence. Kit Fitzgerald is accepting individual clients and corporate clients. Contact through

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